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Couple of new creations

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Here is what I have been tying lately.............................I really need to go fishing soon! Have not wet a line in 3 weeks. Another week without fishing and I am going to have to see a doctor.




Pat Cohen's Polar Minnow. If you have not checked out Pat's sight, you are truly missing out. He is incredible.





Articulated Muskie fly imitating the colors of a Gizzard Shad






Above pic is a threadfin shad.


Man, I need to catch a fish!!!

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It is polar flash giving off the blue color. The use of polar flash vs. other types of flash materials is why Pat Cohen calls the fly the polar minnow.


Tim A:


Bucktail is reverse - tied.


Rob G.


You know, you are probably right. Will have to work on scaled down version for smallies.


For some reason, I enjoy tying muskie flies most of all. The articulated ones take around 30-40 minutes per fly, but they sure are fun. In addition, they look great in the water.

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