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How much $

Terry Dodge

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How much is canoe/kayak registration renewal?


Here's my prob.

I had to renew my 'toon and canoe in 2012 and the canoe was $5 and some change to renew but

the 'toon was $15 to renew. My wife took it upon herself to to just send the fees in and then asked me a couple days

later why the 'toon (she calls it "That Pontoon Thing") was so much more than the canoe? It shouldn't be but no big deal,

I'll contact them later and get it straightened out. Today (1/10/13) was the day.

Any-hoot, to keep a long story short, The lady I talked with at the IDNR Registration office pretty much said too bad.

That's what the renewal cost are going up to anyway. Anybody know anything about that?

Still didn't solve the original problem paying $15. I don't care about the $$$, I just want to make sure they know that

this is not a full size pontoon boat I have.

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$15 per cycle seems high. I am almost sure it is less than that for canoes and kayaks. Canoes and kayaks pay the same amount. for renewal. You do renew for 3 years.


Correct. I got two (2) renewal notices (1 for the pontoon & 1 for the canoe) in the mail. The canoe was $5 and some change and the pontoon $15.

It's already all been paid so I really don't care about the money, I just want to straight this out with the 'toon before 2016 so I don't get over charged again.

I'll try again another day.

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