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#9. Stick Minnow

Tom L

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This style of tying has been around a long time. It has been done with other materials like deerhairs and bucktails. It is very simple but effective. It reminds me a lot of a Senko plastic stickbait, so I called it "Stick Minnow".



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A Mega thunder Creek Minnow.

Thanks Carl. A quick google search yielded couple variations of the Thunder Creek Minnows.





The closest one to what I have here is the one done with Marabous.


A Mega Thunder Creek Minnow it is.



nice looking bullet head. I would enjoy watching your technique on that one. Anywhere there's water, that's a fish magnet for sure!

Rob, the bullet head was tied reversed style and folded back. Here is a video on another variation of the Thunder Creek Minnow. In the video, the fellow was making it harder then it should be.



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Nice, Tom. I'd coat that head in CCG or similar acrylic/epoxy.

Great idea Tim.


Great fly. Our poly fake fur tends to float. Did you sink test it?

Mike, I just sink tested in the tub today. It would sink once water logged. Coated the head with epoxy, as Tim had suggested, made it easier to sink.

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