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Twelve Flies of Christmas Challenge

Mike G

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I would like to know what you think about this. I have in mind a challenge called the 12 Flies of Christmas. Like the old Twelve Days of Christmas, it begins on December 25 (Christmas) and ends January 5 (the day before Three Kings Day). We’ll include some grace days at the end of the period also. The challenge is for the angler to present a different fly here each day during that period. Tiers and non-tiers can participate. Pictures are a plus but not required. One’s series may have a theme like Clousers, flies made with deer hair, flies of 2012, State University Team Colors, or just consist of favorites. Tom L’s quest to tie twelve different flies with the free fake fur inspired this. He already has a head start if he wants to participate. I think it would be best to keep all your flies in one place by posting once and editing to add new flies on successive days. Don’t put them up all at once; the fun is having a surprise each day. I am planning to do this using DistinctiveFrabric as my theme. If you accept the challenge, you can start tying or gathering your flies now. Are you in?



PS: Hanukkah next year.

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I'll play along but rather than a unified theme, can my dirty dozen represent an eclectic mix? Unfortunately it's more than a little busy for me at this time of the year and difficult to get a lot of time at the bench


Eclectic Mix sounds like a good theme. Dirty Dozen works too: submit flies you have already used.

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Do they have to be our own ideas, or can be others' patterns tied by us? I imitate more than I create.


The only rule is they have to be fly like things. Aim for twelve in total. Non-tyers are welcome; so the patterns can be others' tied by others. If you are in doubt, cheat.

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