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As with any river, look for areas that have breaklines where the current is deflected by rocks, points, or downed trees. Our forum rules prohibit posting exact spots on the open forums, but maybe someone will send you a PM with some specific spots. By the way, Eric is our newest member, he just signed up on Sunday. Welcome Eric, it's good to have you. Come out to the pizza party on Dec 7 at Pappa Passero's, and I guarantee you'll get lots of good information.

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Welcome Eric.


I am not trying to start fights or discourage you from taking pictures and showing them on the site. I welcome that and the chance to fish with you.



OK, Since we dont have the jaw breaker Police here any more....... Let me be the first to say Without starting trouble! PLEASE, PLEASE, dont hold a smallmouth

like that. I know the pros do it, but they wont be back to that water again for a year. It will break their jaw and then they cant eat, some die. I am

only trying to educate you and others on the fragile nature of our favorite fish. Thank you !


Let the arguing commence.



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