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  1. Philf

    Keep your hands warmer

    The canoe or kayak helps on the rivers near me. Tough to walk the shoreline with hills and hunters. The bigger rivers like the Kankakee are easier from shore. Once you know what to look for. Small slack water spots. You can hit a bunch and have coffee and sandwiches in the car. Just recovering from the flu I decided to skip getting a shot this year. I should be back on the water in a week or so. I’ve spent a lot of time winter fishing so if you have any questions let me know.
  2. Philf

    Quick guide repair

    Very good. This is why you should never throw anything away. I turned a few broken rods into ice fishing rods
  3. Philf

    Quick guide repair

    Save the guides off your old rods. Had the ceramic break on a guide the other day.I Remembered I’d saved some from about 10 years ago from an old rod had put them in a ziplock. I just heated up the windings on the rod with a lighter and pulled the broken guide out with a pliers. Mixed up a little epoxy coated the foot of the old guide that I had saved that was about the same size slipped it under the windings added a little more epoxy and I was good to go. Thanks
  4. Philf

    Keep your hands warmer

    If you’re kayaking upstream in higher flows you’ll find small areas where you can stop and rest with out paddling. The fish are in those spots.
  5. Philf


    👍. Thanks
  6. Philf

    Keeping warm in the kayak

    Good stuff. Thanks
  7. Philf

    Warm as toast toes

    Looks gold to me. I’ll pay attention next time out. One of the best crappie days I’ve ever had. I’m learning to use slip bobbers.
  8. Philf

    Warm as toast toes

    If you have to be out fishing, hunting or at a football game give the Hot Hands toe warmers a try. They carry them at Walmart. Work great. Crappies suspended at 5-12 above weeds along drop off.
  9. Philf

    Keeping warm in the kayak

    Once it gets below 35 degrees it’s a lot easier to stay warm and walk the shore. Dry suit sounds like the way to go. Mostly been hitting lakes and extremely shallow creeks. If we get some rain/snow melt it’ll push the fish against the shore and bank fishing will be easy.
  10. Besides putting on all the clothes I own I’ve started sitting on a folded beach towel makes a big difference.
  11. Philf

    Dropshot shot keeper

    When using a dropshot rig it often tangles when you lay your rod down. I started wrapping the line with the sinker on it one time around the reel handle. It keeps everything straightened out. To free it up just unwind it in the opposite direction and you’re ready to go.
  12. Wrapped some black electrical tape around the reel foot and seat on the rod kinda like you do with the Tennessee handle rods keeps your hand warmer.
  13. Philf


    I liked Ken’s article on Chatter Baits. I need to pick up some heavier ones.
  14. Philf

    Diawa BG 2500

    Read the review by Allen Hawk that’s what sold me. I’ve gotten these reels pretty wet maybe a little sticking but the next day they’re fine. Never have to break them down. The one I took apart and cleaned and greased after a week in the surf. Went back together easy. The drag is very good but you might have to tighten it down more than your average reel. I’ve been going tight and then loosening it if it’s a really big fish. On the salt water fish I think I have it really tight but then that little bit of slippage has saved me on this reel. I’ve Purchased four or five of the Pflueger president reels this reel seems a lot better. The price is about the same.
  15. Philf

    Diawa BG 2500

    I have two of these light salt water reels. Great so far. The 2500 is about the same size as most 3000s made by other companies . Great for smallmouth or light salt water. Amazon has them for $83. Pretty easy to take apart and clean and grease and still work. Lots of good reviews on line.