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  1. Good job. I feel like I need one of those boxes they use to work on radioactive stuff with the gloves that reach inside. I always have parts dropping and flying off the work bench.
  2. Philf

    Mono rig?

    Are any of you guys familiar with the mono rig a substitute for conventional fly line? I’ve been reading about it on a sight called Troutbitten. Sounds like it might work well with the heavier flys we throw for smallmouth. Thanks.
  3. I’ll have to try the slip floats in trees. So far I’ve just vertical jigged and dropshotted trees. I think the benefit of the slip float modification you described is that the float would show up bites, it would lay on its side as well as pull down bites. Thanks for the reminder I remember something about that modification and may have actually done it. My new SOP is to always have a Lure hanging (fly, crappie tube, small plastic worm) while I cast/vertical jig a spoon, Crappie jig for trout, gills or crappie.
  4. I just started fishing with slip floats. To save time and frozen hands you can balance them at home in a glass of water. Use a bent paper clip slipped up through the bottom of the float. Then add weights and a jig head and write down the size of weight on the float.
  5. Philf

    Blow out

    I wasn’t paying attention I was drawing cartoons like back in school. but he said a lot about fishing off shore once the water warms up. If you have a good depth sounder finding underwater islands might be easy. I try to drag an anchor a few feet above the bottom hoping it’ll catch on the island. Don’t stand while attempting this. I might also throw/ drift with a Carolina rig. Good tip on fishing marabou jigs after a mayfly hatch. Don’t be afraid to try different lakes if you’re not catching. Andrew has a bunch of good articles on line too. He said he fishes crankbaits slowly against the current for winter smallmouth when I asked him. Fishes above the thermocline for smallmouth in the summer 25-30 feet deep is as deep as he goes year round I think. Probably some of the other guys might be of more help.
  6. Philf

    Blow out

    I had a great time at the blowout this year. Good food and speakers. Nice to see some old familiar faces. Thanks to all of you guys for setting this up and all of your hard work.
  7. http://www.ragasfishing.com/flowage-belt-smallmouth-bass/. There are lots of interesting articles on line by Andrew Ragas one of the speakers at this years Blowout
  8. Here’s a photo of a fishing report sheet that I use to use a lot I don’t know if anybody keeps logs. It would Be interesting to see how people record their trips. I was doing a lot of that back about 15 years ago I really regret that I didn’t stay on it. I tried to make the sheets as easy to fill out as possible. A lot of stuff just needs to be checked off or circled.
  9. The canoe or kayak helps on the rivers near me. Tough to walk the shoreline with hills and hunters. The bigger rivers like the Kankakee are easier from shore. Once you know what to look for. Small slack water spots. You can hit a bunch and have coffee and sandwiches in the car. Just recovering from the flu I decided to skip getting a shot this year. I should be back on the water in a week or so. I’ve spent a lot of time winter fishing so if you have any questions let me know.
  10. Very good. This is why you should never throw anything away. I turned a few broken rods into ice fishing rods
  11. Save the guides off your old rods. Had the ceramic break on a guide the other day.I Remembered I’d saved some from about 10 years ago from an old rod had put them in a ziplock. I just heated up the windings on the rod with a lighter and pulled the broken guide out with a pliers. Mixed up a little epoxy coated the foot of the old guide that I had saved that was about the same size slipped it under the windings added a little more epoxy and I was good to go. Thanks
  12. If you’re kayaking upstream in higher flows you’ll find small areas where you can stop and rest with out paddling. The fish are in those spots.
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