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I have had my eye on this fly for a while. Got all the materials last night, and went to work.









This fly is one of Mike Schmidt's creations. As many of you probably know, Mike Schmidt (no, not the 3rd sacker from Phillies), is an amazing tier.



While the fly is attributed to Mr. Schmidt, I was able to view a great video tutorial on Brian Wise's site, Fly Fishing the Ozarks. Brian does incredible video work:




Going to try the fly out tonite after work.


AS ALWAYS........................HAIL TO THE SMALLIE

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Nice tyes John.


I have been experimenting with artic flies, but due to the low water conditions this year I have not been able to use them much.


My past experience was that when I put materials (e.i. bucktails, craft furs) on top and bottom of the hook, the fly tended to lay on the side. I ended up clipping the bottom materials off, so the fly rode upright (hook point down). I hope you don't have to do that with this fly. Good looking flies though.

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Ok..............just returned from the river. Rob...............the back tail section does move and wiggle quite well PROVIDED THE DEER HAIR DOES NOT COVER THE HACKLE FEATHERS OUT THE BACK. In other words, from what I could see, the back hackle feathers give the tail its wiggle. If there is an appropriate length of feather behind the hook and free of deer hair interference, the back section of the fly wiggles much like the back of a prey fish. Is the wiggle exagerrated................probably not, but it definitely moves and wiggles. Put it this way, you could not get a wiggle quite like this from a deceiver that is not articulated. Both parts of the fly do ride in the same plane.


Tonite I will make a few more and make sure the back hackle feathers are slightly longer. In addition, a few wraps of lead wire near the head will help the fly get a touch deeper.

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I wondered if some lead wire might not be needed to get it down more than a foot or so below the surface film. Also wonder if craft fur instead of the buck tail might not solve some issues as it is less coarse than bucktail and less buoyant. Definitely something I need to play with this winter.


Tim, good idea, we should have an articulated fly day for the central IL ISA fly tying group, hmmm wonder what kind of pizza goes with articulated flies???

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