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Flippin' and Pitchin'

Mike Clifford

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I'm looking to do something a little unique with our Kids Casting kit this year, and I'm wondering who are the best fliiping and pitching anglers that you know?

In other words, someone that would be able to do a demonstration of this technique.....

Will probably implement something along these lines at the Deby/Picnic and maybe some other events as well.


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When teaching a beginner or novice to "flip or pitch",

a rod fitted with an underspin spincast reel, that features the trigger, is the way to go.


No backlashes, overruns or the like, as with level wind reels.


The underspin makes it simple and your students will get very interested in the flippin and pitchin techinques.


Underspin reel models that are most effective are:

Zebco 33T, Abu-Garcia 275U, and Daiwa US80, just to name a few that come to mind.

Each can be used effectively with 8 - 10 lb line.

The larger Zebco spool will accomodate 12-14lb line with ease.


Pitching can be accomplished by a novice with very fluid motion.

And can best be learned the "two-hand" technique.


The underspin reels can be fitted on a suitable spinning rod.


The beginner and novice alike, will also find the underspin easier to adapt to, when dabbling for panfish, while fishing around wood or the like.


Many adults, whom I've taught the technique, and after many years of fishing, still use the underspin today.


Some anglers use the set-up for dabbling, while fishing for smallies, under high water conditions of the Fox and Kank


Hope this helps.

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