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Bald Eagles

Paul Trybul

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For the bird watchers out there I wanted to let you know I saw over 10 of them today. They were all easily viewed while driving over the Rock River on Rt64 in the town of Oregon, IL. I don't know how long they stay in the same area but they sure are beautiful majestic birds. Most of them where easy to identify but a few did not have the distinct white heads. They may have been immature eagles or other birds like hawks. I don't think I've ever seen so many in one area before.

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The gal at TJ's (Oregon Bait Shop) says that they come in numbers in the Winter right out her back window in trees by the river. There is one pair that keeps home year round at the big rock just north of the Castle Rock boat launch. The nest is as big as my kids bedroom. She says that there are other pairs starting to stay on the Rock as well (don't know the number or where). Alot of these birds we see in Winter at the Rock will move back North or to the Mississippi once Winter ends. Open water is their search, thus fish to feed on. There has been a big turn around in the last ten years with the baldies re-establishing their former territories along the Rock!

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