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Invasive Species Coalition

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I'm proud to say that the ISA was invited to join forces with Sierra Club, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Great Lakes Commission and Prairie Rivers Network to form the Invasive Species Coalition.

Restoring the Natural Divide:

Coalition Principles


Healthy Waters Solutions seeks to restore the natural separation between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. Physical separation is the only permanent solution to the transfer of invasive species through the Chicago waterways.

Separation can and must:

  1. Be part of a broad vision with long-term benefits for Illinois. As such, it should accommodate or enhance the goals of flood control, improved water quality, efficient transportation, growth in recreation and tourism, and protection and restoration of nature.
  2. Prevent all aquatic invasive species, including Asian carp, from moving in either direction between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River via the Chicago waterways.
  3. Include strong interim measures to ensure that Asian carp and other invasive species do not transfer between basins before separation is complete. Such interim measures should be implemented in a way that supports long-term achievement of complete physical separation.
  4. Be cost-effective and beneficial to both the environment and the economy.
  5. Be a product of collaboration between local leaders and partners across the region.

We call on policymakers to take immediate action to separate the basins and prevent Asian carp and other invasive species from damaging our region's waters, economy, and way of life.


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