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better float options for f-n-f in current

Norm M

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I used to use a lot of the Thill Steelhead float for drifting spawn and hair jigs and tube jigs for steelhead. It is a great float. It comes with a black rubber tube (some called it surgeon tube) at the bottom that you can attached your line to. If I want my line to stay on top of the float to clear water for better drift sometimes, I would take a tube from another float and put it on top, then I would have one tube at the top and one at the bottom of the float. I would also spread my shots under the float to have good drift, depending on the current speed and depth. It is a little bit lighter than the float that John used. It is a very good float and a good alternative. Thanks for sharing.

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I just remembered why they called those black tubes that come with the float, "surgeon tubes". Back in the early 90's, they did not have the steelhead float model yet. Back then we would use the spring float model, took the spring off from the float, and replaced it with surgeon tube cut to size. The reason that we did not want to use the spring was that it weaken the line; because the spring would kink and damage the line sometimes. With big steelhead on, you don't want any weak link on your line.


That would be the real advantage of the steelhead float over the clip on type.

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I've used Thill Rivermaster floats as part of Float N Fly setup with good success. These floats handle well in current and are very sensitive. I originally used the Rivermaster floats for steelhead and brown trout fishing in power plant discharges, and these floats along with the nine foot noodle rod that I used to use for steelhead works well with the Float N Fly for smallmouth bass. The long spinning rod makes it much easier to keep the line off of the water and out of the influence of river currents than a shorter spinning rod or a fly rod.

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