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Rain Si Steelhead Non


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The rain cancelled the Steelhead trip I'd planned for this week on the Muskegon.A fitting end to what has been the crappiest season I've ever had.A like amount is predicted for next week as well.Maybe getting all thie precipitation now means we'll have little snow to contend with this winter.Yeah right.On a happier note the Bears won.

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Well depending on how much rain it should bring some more Steel into the Lake Michigan Tribs. This is the time to be going, unless the rivers get blow out. They will not stay high. Only time will tell, but higher flows is what draws the fish in. CarlB

I cancelled the guided trip because the forecast was for a river blowing out 2.26" with cold/wind impatiently waiting in the wings. Not exactly a fun or productive way to spend your money. The guide agreed to apply the $ I'd sent to reserve those dates to a future trip.If another similar amount predicted for next week materializes that river which can be scary under normal flows won't be fishable until sometime in Dec. when that part of Michigan may well already be buried in snow.

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Ron, which guide service do you use up there?


Kevin Feenstra Guide Service.I've been steelheading in Michigan since the 90's when almost all of it was done chuck & ducking which is basically spinfishing with a flyrod,not my cup of tea.Feenstra than pioneered the swinging fly western method which while usually not as productive is true ffing.Even with the sacrifice of some #s it is increasingly displacing c&d with ffers.

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