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Shabbona Fishing Forecast


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Anyone have a handle on the latest fishing results at Shabbona? Weather is forecast to moderate next week, so thinking about taking my boat over for the day.


Rich . . . counting on you in particular for a response. Thanks.

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I am sure you would get more info about Shabbona if you helped with the pond draining October1st. which is this Saturday morning at 8:30 am.


Wish I could help out, Eugene . . . but have already scheduled the transport of my boat from the marina to public storage to provide me more accessibility during the next two months before it's winterized and put in the shed for the winter.

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Guest rich mc

you should be bringing your boat to shabbona. the north winds for the past few days should get the dam bite going.fishing should be good this week .weeds are still green fish should be shallow. crappies should be lined up on the cribs . rich

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Bring the boat! We can show you tons of spots. Who knows you might even catch a smallie

Fly rod, Spinning, Baitcaster,.

One hand washes the other!


Im sure it would be more enjoyable to catch fish than haul your boat around Storage facilities.:)


But if your afraid of a little work, where children have fun catching more fish than you, I and Eric put together.


I understand :P

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