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Fireline Crystal

Paul Trybul

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I was wondering if anyone has checked out or used this line yet? I know its pretty new. If I had to design a perfect line, it would be invisible like flourocarbon yet tough, thin, and sensitive like fireline. Could this new Fireline Crystal be it? I haven't used it yet but I did look at it at a bait shop. I was disappointed. It didn't look clear at all. It looked white like using the smoke for a long time until it turns white. Sounds like a good concept but I think they missed on this one.

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I have a spool of it that I bought late in the season. I haven't used up the smoke colored Fireline on any of my reels yet so I haven't spooled any up. While it isn't totally clear because of the layers of fibers that make it up, it isn't like regular Fireline that has been painted white either.

Some people who've never used a superline before may not like Fireline Crystal or any other superline for that matter because it is different from mono. Superlines take some getting used to.

I for one do not believe fish know what line is or if they do, I don't care. I will not use mono instead of a braid because fish might be able see the braid. If over time I miss a few fish over line visability, I can live with that.

If I'm wrong about fish reacting negatively to line they can see, using Fireline Crystal should even things up.

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I use the green Fireline so I CAN see the line. I find it very critical to watch the line on those rare occasions when I use plastic.


I doubt you can really judge it's invisibility unless it's under water.

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