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Muskie fly suggestion?

Ryan Kral

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Hello again all. As in my last post, I am attempting to tie an "Angel Hair" streamer, and am having a hell of a time. My first time tying a fly like this, and using this material. I get a nice clump of material to tie in, but more than half of it will end up pulling out while I'm working the product(gently) back. I'm tying it tight, so I dont know how to avoid wasting so much material. Any advice? If anyone has any suggestions on easier streamer patterns for muskie/pike, let me know. Last minute trip planned to Northern WI, trying to tie up some flies quick.

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Guest rich mc

are you doubling it up. tie it at the half way point with half of it going over the hook eye. once tied double back the front section and tieit down at the same spot. i like blantons flashtail whistler for pike and muskies. rich

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An easy fly that has worked for Northern Pike for me is a double bunny. One long piece of rabbit zonker tied in on the length of the shank and a second piece of cross cut rabbit tied in and wrapped around the shank. Very easy to tie and will hold up well to the toothy critters you're after. I would not advise try throwing it on a lightweight rod and line though. These are just examples below and you don't have to put a head on the front



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