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Outhouse Reading

Mike Clifford

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As I came across the following article, I began to wonder what our members here are reading.

What sits next to you while you go about your, uhhhhh......business?




Buck Peterson doesn't hesitate to take a shot at hunters, deer hunters or animal-rights fanatics. He gets his hooks into the sacrosanct world of fly fishing, the Bible as a book of fishing stories and the Boy Scouts. He also pokes fun at the bubbas of bass fishing.


Peterson answers the question: "Is fly-fishing normal? Is it something genetic or caused by social pressure? His answer: "Researchers say that a reduced immune system is the real culprit."


When comparing fly fishing to bait casting, Peterson's pluck is at its peak. He writes: "If you are a died-in-the-wool catch-and-release activist, remote lodge owners and equally remote masters of the art form will welcome you into a world filled with warmed Cognac and hand-rolled cigars. Fly fishing marine biologists are discussing such issues as whether bait casting is a birth defect and whether women who bear tournament fisherman should be sterilized ..."


"Unlike fly fishermen, whose existential goal is to think like a fish, bait fisherman only want to have fun with the fish. ... and because they can do it in T-shirts and Levis. ... drink full-bodied beer ... smoke cheap crooked cigars ... and get the big-busted farm girls."


Peterson's parodies leave no area untouched. He spoofs the little woman, the Native American tribes, commercial fishermen and every facet of hunting and angling.

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I just bought two new books for my reading enjoyment. They were writen by a local Author and should be interesting reading.


"Buried by Table Rock Lake", by Tom Koob

"The History of Fishing Table Rock Lake", by Tom Koob

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Well in fact i was just sitting upon the throne a little while ago reading the Outdoor Notebook,Bob Maculius's article about Fred Bear was great. Telling the story about how a good hunter stalks his trophy buck instead of sitting in a stand waiting.


A lot of places along the Kish i often stand on deer intersections wondering how the whole city lays out. Which trail to the water,which trail to the food and bed down area? Good reading. John's winter smallie article was good too, im looking foward to his continuance on the Float and Fly method.


And when the smow is butt deep a good Sigurd Olsen book will always warm you up!

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Not nessecarily (sp) outhouse material unless you take your laptop into the can with you, but Paul Trybul posted this website on the Northwest forums and since i checked it out i have been back to read more reports everyday.




Great trip reports along with great photos as well, if you haven't checked it out give it a shot,great site!

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