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Sharkskin Line

Ryan Kral

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Hey guys, yesterday I bit the bullet, and spent $100 on a fly line! I purchased the Scientific Angler Sharkskin GPX for my 5 wt. In July, while in Montana, I notice my friend/guide had Sharkskin line on both of his rods he had in the drift boat, and himself and another guy were using them. At first I noticed the noise the line makes in the guides, but just as quickly tuned it out and didnt even notice any more. I had the chance to use it, and couldnt believe how nice the stuff was, I did not want to go back to my rod with with standard line. Needless to say, I bought the line, and went out on the Dupage by my house for a couple hours yesterday. I can honestly say, this line is great, it actually took me a few minutes to adjust to how easy it is to cast, and mend. It takes a lot less effort to do everything with the line. As far as the noise goes, it's there, but its really not that bad, I actually came to like it, which is what a lot of others had said in reviews I read. Out of all the positive reviews, there were some negative ones I read, people saying the line ruined there guides. I know Scientific Angler did a study on this, and found the Sharkskin line had either less or equal amounts of wear on the guides as other smooth lines. My guide in Montana has had the line on both of his rods since the series came out, and has had no issues. His rods also get far more use than the average fly rod, as they are being used by him, and his clients, daily. I never spent more than $60 on a fly line, and I debated this purchase since I got back from MT, but it was well worth the money. Another positive, I read lots of reviews, and numerous people said they were on there third year with the fly line, and it still handled like new. Anyways, just thought I would share, in case anyone was thinking of buying the line, but not wanting to spend the $$! Ryan

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The tip, about a couple feet in, started to barely go under towards the end, but I mean barely. I was using dries and hoppers the last hour, and it performed great. It is incredibly easy to mend with this line, there is way less friction on the water than with a traditional line, and it floats high on top of the water. The tip section did not sink like my other lines would have after a couple hours on the "Dirty Dupage"! Very pleased with the purchase, I had the chance to use it again yesterday. The line is like a wet noodle the way it moves. By the way, I did see that Gander Mountain had the Sharkskin line on sale online, for the Trout Taper, which I dont believe is a whole lot different than the GPX taper, I believe it was $59.99.

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