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EP Who?

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It is especially fitting to post this notice right after Bill K's post about he great experience he had on the Kish recently.


Going back, my first experience of big time fishing trips occured in the 60s with trips to the Boundary Waters, Quetico, and other fly-in waters in the Canadian Bush. At that time rivers like the Fox and DuPage were murky affairs that we passed over early in the trip as they were fishless or overrun with rough fish. We never would have believed that these two rivers and others in the Chicago area would emerge as jewels in the urban Smallmouth fishery that we have today.


Two events in the 70s made all the difference. First in 1970 Richard Nixon created the EPA via Executive Order No. 3. Second, in 1973, Congress passed the ESA (Endangered Species Act). In tandem, these two items have transformed rivers and streams like the Fox and DuPage from industrial drains to quality fishing spots that provide recreation for thousands in the Chicago area. There are similar success stories like Ohio's Cuyahoga River once devoid of fish from Akron to Cleveland. BTW there were actually 13 fires on this river before 1970.


Apparently, the current generation has forgotten how bad things used to be. At least the generation in Washington seems to have forgotten. Current legislation in Washintgton threatens to cut funding and limit enforcement power for agencies that enforce EPA and ESA issues. To find out who, how, and why follow this link.




Maybe we should write someone also.

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