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Fly tying contest?


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Will I have a chance to defend my title as "Grand Champion Mother of all God's Gifts to Flytiers"? Being the inaugural winner, I was told I got to choose the title.


I'm kinda hoping for a topwater/popper contest this year, as I've got a killer pattern up my sleeve. Any thoughts? I heard it went over pretty well last year, and would love to try it again.

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Guest rich mc

whatever fly is chosen it should have certain requirements.example would be a woolly bugger size 4 or 6. must have weighted eyes or bead or cone. two colors with flash and rubber legs. and list how it would be judged such as proportion,neatness, color etc. whatever you buggers come up with . rich

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Maybe post an image and then give multiple awards for the ties:


Most realistic

Most efficient tie (use of time/effort/materials)

Most likely to actually catch a fish

Most likely to scare a fish away

Overall favorite



It may be that different flies get different awards or maybe one will win across the board. I know that these days I'm appreciating simple fish catching flies, although I'm always impressed by the realistic flies... even if they never get fished!



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I like the madtom idea.


I have a friend who fishes the Susquehana in Pennsylvania and madtoms are his secret weapon for smallmouth there. He swears the smallmouth can't stop themselves from attacking them.


Here are some photos if you think you might want to try this species. Upper left, slender madtom (borrowed from state of Missouri web site). Upper right, margined madtome (not native to Illinois, but this photo gives you a sense of their texture and common body posture. This photo is from the state of North Carolina). Bottom, stonecat (borrowed from the University of Michigan. This species is probably the most common madtom in Illinois). Also in Illinois are the brindled madtom, mountain madtom, tadpole madtom, freckled madtom and northern madtom.




Most madtoms live in the spaces between boulders in riffles where they eat invertebrates and very small fishes (we use cinderblocks to help us keep field equipment in place in streams and madtoms often take up residence in the spaces inside the blocks along with crayfish). Madtoms are small, flat and slender and they undulate quite a bit when they swim. They're not especially powerful swimmers. They're designed to hug the bottom, fit into small spaces and they don't come out into the open very often. Stonecats can approach 12" in length, but most of them are 4-6 inches long. Most madtoms have venom in their pectoral and dorsal spines.

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Guest rich mc

jude, you better tye a good fly if you want to keep the throne! this should be very interesting. all tyers are able to submit as many as they want, any level of tyer too even shop owners rich

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