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Wade the fox

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Wow the fox jumped today! Nice storm at 3 in the morning. Went out on 2 rivers today. The Dupe & Fox.

Dupe=more fish including 2-15"s

Fox = less fish, but bigger including 2-15's 2-16's

Twisters, Fluke, Hulagrub and Yes the Beetlespin (biggest fish) I was working it like you

would a spinner bait but with a slower pause and fall. When the Beetle spin stopped they crushed it.

Hoping it works on Saturday.

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Well 2 members were brave enough to meet me saturday morning. John Waichulin, Tom Dorner and i started out a little cautious having not fished that area yet this year.

The weather was perfect for an ISA event.B). We tried a few areas for a couple hours, before we pulled the plug. I jumped to a couple different spots on the river trying to avoid the river skunk.

Found a couple at the skate park, were i replaced one of the newly installed yellow signs that looked to be broken in half. Then i gave Pat H a call asking why she didnt show.

She apologized (why i dont know). But offered to fish for a few hours at her favorite fishing hole. That turned out to be a blast, several species of fish were caught. No smallmouth but many largies

and some real aggressive Blue gill. I was able to catch a nice bull bluegill that measured 9.5"


Great to meet you both, John and Tom. We will fish that section again under a little better conditions. Thanks for sticking it out.



Next event is June 11th. Where i hope to see more new faces as well as the same old faces.

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