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Was out for about 40 min. on 5-6-11, looking for morels. No luck. Did see the fungus pictured below, many pretty blue flowers, some tall swamp grass, the underside of some young mayapples, mosquito larvae, a red tail hawk, and an asparagus patch. It looks like someone got here before I did.


I'm not sure how this ended up under conservation ? :blink:


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Keep checking that Asparagus Patch as that grows and you cut it all summer long. Buddy and I had two fields when I was a kid and we pedaled it around the neighborhood. You cut it with a "V" shaped blade just below the ground and it will grow back so you can cut it again.

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There is a patch near my place of employement that only the custodian and I know about. We have been harvesting it for years. It looks like this patch has been harvested recently by someone whom also may have beaten me to the morels that I find in this part of the woods. Check out the stalks thet have been cut near the new emerger. A day earlier and I may have hit it big for both asparagus and morels.


Thanks Don.

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