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Water Clarity in the Fox


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Can anyone who has fished both the fox and the Kishwaukee rivers give me a water clarity comparison? Just curious. I know that it varies on any water, but a general idea would be great. Thanks.

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Guest Don R

Tough question without knowing the general areas and time of year in which you inquire. I've fished the Fox from Elgin to Wedron. I've fished both branches of the Kishwaukee. I would say that under normal seasonal flows from spring to fall the Kishwaukee River runs much clearer than the Fox. Hope that helps a wee bit.

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The Kish is pretty high and dirty right now, your right Terry. I was asking about the Winnebago county area of the Kish, and the Antioch area of the Fox. I guess I should have clarified. But I think you guys answered my question. Thanks guys.

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