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I'm not certain how this will play into conservation but it seems that it makes sense and may be another step in the right direction. Awareness of how water is managed, utilized, and conserved all plays a part in the future of our water ways...feel free to comment.....




HB3372 Amends the Counties Code. Provides that a county board in a metropolitan county located in the area served by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, or Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, Kankakee, Grundy, LaSalle, DeKalb, Kendall, or Boone county, that has adopted a stormwater management plan may adopt a schedule of fees applicable to real property within the county that benefits from the county's stormwater management facilities and activities. Sets forth the circumstances under which a fee schedule may be adopted and the uses for the fees. Caps the fees at the same limit as an authorized stormwater tax that has been approved by referendum in the county. Provides that the county shall give land owners at least 2 years' notice of the fee during which time the county shall provide education on green infrastructure practices and an opportunity to take action to reduce or eliminate the fee. Further provides that a fee waiver shall be included for property owners who have taken actions or put in place facilities that are approved by the county that reduce or eliminate the cost of managing runoff. Provides that the county may enter into intergovernmental agreements with other bodies of government for the joint administration of stormwater management and collection of the fees. Provides that if a county adopts a fee schedule and has existing debt repayments to make, the remainder of that debt may be paid with proceeds from a tax imposed for stormwater management purposes. Effective immediately.

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Thanks for putting this up. Maybe someone can read between the legalize lines to say what this really means. On the one hand it seems to promise better water and flood management. On the other hand it adds a line to the old realestate tax bill. So I am for it if it does not duplicate something we are already paying for.

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