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Whodat Fodder Bendback Swimming Jig

Mike G

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Whodat Fodder Bendback Swim Jig




Since the Whodat Fodder fly that I created to celebrate the Saints 2010 Superbowl Victory turned out to be a good producer, I wanted to make a Whodat Jig for my grandson for the next time we go fishing. His mom and dad are Purdue Grads which makes the Brees connection sweet.


I figured I would tie the pattern on a 1/8 oz. Swim Jig until I found out that suppliers wanted $1.00 each for an unfinished head. Considering that little Michael might put the jig in a treetop on his first cast, I reconsidered. Could I make it on a jig from my current supply of jigs? I turned to some of my 1/8 oz ballhead jigs which cost 15 cents each. They are collarless sometimes called baitfishing jigs which, in spite of the name, work best for tying jig-fly patterns. I figured I could bend the soft wire hook shank to get the horizontal performance of the Swim Jig. Here are the stages of preparing the jig--select, paint, bend behind head to align eye along axis of the hook.




Then we tie the fly.




Jig: 1/8 oz baitfishing ball head, #2 hook

Rattle: 3 mm glass worm rattle

Tail: 10 strands of gold holographic silicon skirt material

Collar: Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash, Color 20 (Midnight Magic)

Flash: 3-4 strands of gold flash tied on each side behind head

Side Wings: 5 strands of gold holographic silicon skirt material tied on each side behind the head.

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Mike, your photos never seem to show up. Can anyone else see 'em?

I see them.


They're photobucket hosted. Some employers block that source; I used to work for one. By using photobucket, I hope to save space on the ISA server. But if a lot of people have the problem Eric has, I will try something else. That would be if you have the problem at home :rolleyes:

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