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Show Volunteers Needed

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The Western (or Quad Cities) Region of ISA chapter will be showing our organization to this region at the QC Outdoor Show from Thursday, Feb 17 - Sun, Feb 20. We have pretty good participation (at least 5 of about 8 members) that will be manning the booth Thursday through Saturday. We could use some help for Sunday morning, though, particularly from someone in the Chicago-land area that could return show items to Rich Mc soon after. If you are able to assist and don't mind a quick 2-1/2 hour road trip to Rock Island to pump some flesh, we sure could use 1 or 2 of you. I think the show is about 8AM -1PM that day. Contact either myself (Ron Price) or David Jones. 309-314-2294. Or just respond here with your contact info.


Thanks to any and all! Ron

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There is a good chance I can help you out either Saturday or Sunday. Where is the show located this year?


Paul- that would be very much appreciated. We'll see what we can do to get you a partner so you can get a break or two.

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im planning on sunday anyone want to share the ride out rich

That's a big help Rich. If you and Paul can take Sunday, we're completely covered. Paul, can you confirm your ability to help Sunday and coordinate with rich? Maybe you can hook up in Rochelle and save some gas.

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