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Central Illinois Regional meeting this Friday 1/21

Rob G

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Event Date: 21-January 11 (Single Day Event)


Dave asked me to let everyone know that the Central Illinois Region of the ISA will be holding a meeting in Bloomington on Friday evening 7-8:15 PM at the #2 Bloomington Fire Station. Plans and events will be discussed for the upcoming year. Generally many of the members will seek out a local watering hole afterwards.

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Sure would like to be there, but I'm on call Friday night, and I have three granddaughters in the house that night which mandates my presence. (Three preteen girls might make me hope for a call-out, even in the bitter cold)

How about a trip to the Kaskaskia R. above Shelbyville Lake, when the white bass are in the river next spring?

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I would really like to attend, but working 2nd shift means I won't be there.


I was working tons of overtime this past summer and was unable to attend any outings. This year I hope to change that. I'd really like to see some new local areas on the Mackinaw, Vermillion, or smaller waters. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we won't be dealing with high water half the season!



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