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New bluegill patterned swim jig

Jonn Graham

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Well, with the new year it is time to come out with a new color from my Scout swim jigs. My "Bullgill" pattern has been immensely popular, but I wanted to tweak it a little. My "Bullgill" pattern is pretty dark in color to match the colors of a male bluegill. I have been playing with coming up with a new pattern that matches the lighter colorations of a female bluegill. After some trial and error, here is what I am going to go with:




The head is painted three different colors:


yellow bottom

blue top

watermelon/red flake sides


The skirt has multiple colors:


blue/black/brown on the top

yellow and perch belly color on bottom

pumpkin green and blake flake and watermelon blue flake on the sides of the jig


Here is a better picture of the head:




I think this pattern will sell well. By the way, now is the time to place your orders for spring. I have many different jigs in stock with more in the works.

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Hi John, I was wondering how you paint the jigheads....do you use an airbrush?

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No airbrush.....though you could use one. I use powder paint and just heat the head with a heat gun and dip the head into the powder paint. Sometimes, like on the jig above, I dip a very small paint brush into the powder and then paint the color on the heated jighead. There is a learning curve with using and curing powder paint, but once you get it the material's uses is limitless.

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