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Let Them Eat Lead and Die

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I know a few people who are regular readers of Ted Williams, and recently asked them what they thought about his column on a National Ban on lead fishing tackle.

One answered "Well, he is right to take issue with people that don't care about the health of our fisheries....yadda, yadda..."


My answer-

"But you were adamantly against such a measure here in IL last year. What changed?"



I'll tell you what changed.

The source of the article.

The Gospel according to Ted.


But you don't need to agree with me.

Post your own comments on his blog..he will print them.

I started inadvertently as "Anonymous" because that is the default name given. After realizing my mistake, I posted with my name, as I always do and always will.


I'll link to his stance on this issue and let you decide for yourself.


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I read the responses to that blog. I agree that lead should be banned. I don't have the answers on how that should be done...that's not my call. However, my opinion is this...lead is a drop in the bucket when you look at the other sources of pollution. Lead is a problem but a very small problem compared to other point and non-point pollutants we face. I suppose every little bit helps, so if lead is banned I'll accept it. Same goes with the bait containers dilemma....it's a small problem in the grand scheme of what is actually polluting the waters....fish are becoming sterile, some male fish are developing female "parts", you can't swim safely in the water, spawns get washed away or covered with sediment and many places it's not safe to eat the fish.....all these problems are not because of lead or bait containers. I continue to stand by my belief that every little bit helps, so if lead is banned, that's ok with me. I use lead myself, I should use something else but it's what I have....I have so much crap I don't buy anything anymore unless it's something that wears out like fishing line, fishing poles or reels. Most lead I use are jigheads which I tie into hairjigs...it wouldn't affect me so much if I had to dump all the lead I have....it's not much. I suppose the ban would affect other anglers who have been collecting gear and equipment for years.

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I saw your response on his blog, Jim and my hat is off to you for taking the time to do so.

Nobody else has from the largest fishing club in the state...yet anyway.

Notice his response to your concerns- we addressed it in 1972 as the Clean Water Act.

Yet another issue he simply glosses over with seemingly little or no knowledge about, like lead fishing tackle.

Ted rambles on and on...and on and on about the process of getting lead taken out of the hunting process, bashing the crap out of the NRA and the Recreational Fishing Alliance, among others....

But never getting down to the heart of the matter.

He never will.

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