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Working Flies

Mike G

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Working Flies


Though I have been reporting on casting and spinning lures that work, I should also be keeping up on the flies that have worked for me so far this year. I do not fly fish as much as I would like. It is hard work. But here they are-somethings old, somethings new-all my own ties.




The first is a sponge spider I have been tying for over 50 years. It is still a bluegill killer. It is about 1 inch long.

The next two bass flies didn’t even exist 10 years ago. The grey one is my take on Kent Edmonds’ Stealth Bomber. Grizzly hackle is a family favorite of ours. The stubby red silly legs suggest gills. About 2 1/2 inches.


The Whodat Fodder is a novelty fly I tied to celebrate the Saints Superbowl win. It is a variation on n Craig Reindieu’s Hairy Fodder. The elastic loop (ringer) on the front allows you to insert different sized dumbbell weights to control the depth. Or fish it without weight as shown here. Though it started as a novelty, it got me my biggest LM Bass on a fly this year-19”. The fly is a littile over 3 inches.


The last one is a classic over 50 years old. The Red and White is Lefty Kreh’s variation on the Homer Rhodes tarpon fly from the 50s. The weed guard is Lefty’s preferred guard-a double light wire guard that curves around the hook point. Lefty sez that curve makes it easier for the fish to compress the guard. Close to 4 inches long.

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nice post on your flies.did you make the wire guard yourself? rich




I have a coil of light stainless steel wire that I have had for ages. Directions:


1. Cut a 5" section and bend it into a "V".

2. Start thread on hook and wrap the wire V under the hook with the 2 ends sticking out beyond the eye.

3. Tie the fly as usual. Bend the wire ends down 90 deg to the hook. Finish the head and trim thread. Note that those ends sticking out up front make wrapping a challenge.

4. Bend the wires to the shape shown. Trim even with the rear of the hook.

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I like the tarpon fly, what size saddle hackles you got on that critter?


They make up about 3" of the finished fly's length. They were longer before trimming.

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