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Meeting of the Vermilion River COA Partnership

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Laura Kammin <lkammin@prairierivers.org>


Hello all,

We will be holding a follow-up meeting on August 25th from 6 to 8p.m. at

the Vermilion County Extension office. Please share the meeting information with anyone you think may be

interested in participating. At this meeting we will finalize our goals

and start identifying actions to take for the next year.


Dave and I are finishing the draft of the action plan and I will send that

out for your review by the end of this week.


Also, for those who wanted access to the Wiki. The website is:


If you are having

any trouble accessing the site, please let me know.


If you have any other questions, please e-mail or give me a call.





Laura Kammin

Habitat Conservation Specialist

Prairie Rivers Network

1902 Fox Dr., Suite G

Champaign, IL 61820



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Mike, could you please provide a little more information as to what the meeting will concern? If this is a follow up meeting would it be possible to see what what issues were addressed at the previous meeting? If at all possible I'm sure our small group would hope to attend. Thank you.

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I'm passing this email on to those concerned, a response from Laura Kammin:



Dr. Grider,

At our last meeting the group (comprised of IDNR, SWCD, and NRCS staff as

well as private landowners and members of local conservation groups)

discussed what we thought were the priorities and challenges for the area

in regards to wildlife habitat conservation and management. The next

meeting will continue that discussion and will move towards where the

group would like to head in the next year.

Please attend the August 25th meeting if you have the time. We welcome

more participants.






> might you please share with me a little information in regards to the

August 25 th meeting at the Vermilion County Extension Service? I was

just curious as to what the topic of discussion might be as I just

recently became aware of the meeting via the Illinois Smallmouth


> Thank you for your time and response.

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