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Upper Miss River Basin Survey

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Dan Sallee (ISA member and DNR manager) and I joined 5 other DNR employees in conducting surveys at Apple River State park today. Recent rains prevented us from surveying the South Fork Apple River first thing this am because water levels were too high. We surveyed Clear Creek where it joins with the Apple River at the east end of the park. We used electric seine stations to stun and net the fish. We collected smb, trout, white fish, chubs, minnows & etc. During breaks we counted, measured & weighed the fish before release. The DNR staff was pleased with the counts and creek conditions. It was neat to see the recent bank improvements (funded by ISA) holding good numbers of smb and trout. Rains after lunch prevented our efforts to conduct another survey on the Apple with the park. I had hoped to take pictures during the afternoon session but missed out with the rain. This group will be surveying other rivers and creeks in NW ILL tomorrow thru next Tuesday, let me know if you are interested in helping.


During July this DNR group will be surveying the Mackinaw near Bloomington and Spoon near Peoria. Please let me know if you are interested in helping. Assisting with surveys is a great way to learn from the DNR about river conditions and habitat that hold smb.



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