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Sgt. Tommys Kids Fishing Day

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I've been getting a number of responses from volunteers already, so I figured I'd start a thread for those that might not know about our participation. If you haven't already contacted me, feel free to respond here or PM.


What: 4th Annual Kids Fishing Day

Where: Herrick Lake

When: Saturday, June 19th 10-2

ISA volunteers to provide casting and fishing instruction.

All participants and volunteers get a free full lunch.

This year it is sandwiches from Subway, Fried chicken and more.

Of course, the usual hot and buttery corn-on-the-cob as well.

Secretary of State Jesse White will be visiting with each station for a chat and photographs.



Also, a request!

We're finding it increasingly difficult to entice parents to take their kids fishing- even with all of the upgrades each and every year.


If you reside or fish anywhere in the general vicinity of Wheaton and the surrounding suburbs, I'd greatly appreciate if you could print the flyer attached to this post and drop it by the local bait shops.

This would help a great deal to get the word out about our event.



Please let me know if you plan to do this.

Sgt. Tommys Kids Fishing Day Flyer 2010 v2.doc

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Members that are in my email database should have gotten this already.


For ANYONE that didn't get the email-

PLEASE follow the link below to confirm that you are able to volunteer for this event.





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I can't make breakfast, as I need to be onsite at 7 for a meeting before setup, but I'll see all of you there.

You guys (and gals) are all pros at this by now already- you know what we need to do, and the newcomers will figure it out quickly.


Thanks again to everyone that has stepped up to be a part of this.

If you are still considering coming out to help, by all means show up at the event and we'll put you to work!


Looks like a spectacular day weather-wise.


See you in the morning!

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