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Rockton Fishing Outing this Saturday

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Just a friendly reminder that ISA members will be meeting in Rockton, IL at 8AM for shore fishing outing on the Rock River. The water levels are high so this will be shore fishing only, don't bring your waders. The dynamics of this location is high water proof so there is always quality water to fish no mater the level. So far 2 members have shown interest. If you are interested contact Paul T @ 815-703-2651. If we get enough interest we may meet for breakfast before the fishing outing.

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Kevin you were probably better off fishing where you did. At least you had more trees to block that blustery wind.


We had 9 members show up for our Rockton Rock River outing in search of spring bronze. Conditions on this day were high water, 6" water visibility, brisk north winds with high gusts and cool temperatures. I had to leave a little early to make my daughters volleyball game but at the time I left it was a total skunking. I'm not even sure I had a legitimate bite. I know a few fish were on for a little while but the bites were very light and the fish were not hooked well. I haven't got full reports from everyone yet but it was a tough early spring outing. We even has a flyfisherman fighting the stiff winds.


There was one guy, not part of our group, that had a stringer with a few legal walleyes on it fishing below the spillway of the dam. That area was too high and dangerous to wade and he was in the only spot that was really fishable. The race area that we fished just wasn't happening on this day. That's why they call it fishing and not catching.

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Yeah the wind was insane that's why i chose to go where i did, Lots of tree's! Although it was kind of dangerous because branches were snapping all around from it, you could hear them deep in the woods smashing to the ground.


South branch very wadeable though!

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