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Got out for the 1st x this year yesterday afternoon for 3.5 hrs.The last x I looked about a week ago the river was low& presumably fairly clear.Figuring it would still be since we'd had no rain I took a 4wt with a floating line.Bad move.The river was up & muddy.I didn't think the snow melt would have had that much affect since it seemed too gradual to cause that much runoff.I got zich in each of the 3 different areas I fished.Might've done a little better fishing bigger flies on a sinktip with a 6wt.

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Well misery loves company don't you know. I went out yesterday afternoon since it was so nice but the local Middlefork was way up and the current more than twice normal. No luck for the hour that I was out there but most of the slack water I wanted to fish was on the other side and the current was too strong for me to cross. I did get to toss a new fly rod I just built so it wasn't all bad. Now that ice is coming off the ponds, may have to concentrate on those for a while or break out the spinning gear (did I just say that?)

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