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Central Region meeting this Friday!!!

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This Friday is our second of four winter meetings for the central region. We will be meeting at the Heyworth Library at 6:00. The main theme for the night will be fly tieing. We are asking all who attend and tie flies, please tie up six or eight of your best pattern. In addition, be prepared to tie that same fly live. Also, it would be helpful if you could compose the recipe for that fly and make copies that can be given to other tiers at the meeting. If all goes well, everyone should go home with some new flies.


After the meeting we will most likely retire to a local watering hole for food and drinks.

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I along with at least three others will be there. Make sure you got your vise so you can teach me a new fly.

You mean I can't just borrow someone's fancy rotating vice? No problem, I actually loaded up my stuff last night in the car, since I have orchestra rehearsal from 4-5:30, then down to Heyworth. The fly I want to show is not really a smallie fly, probably more for crappie and bluegill, but an interesting and easy tie for me.

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Fred, if you can be at the February 28th session, please bring your materials so we can see your fly. (That just doesn't sound right)


A wee bit better than bringing his stool.

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