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Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days

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What: Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days


Our FREE family-fun event serves to unite young and old alike in the education and sharing with other like-minded individuals, the knowledge, safety skills, and experiences gained through the Outdoors. Sharing the experiences that make our sporting way of life a special privilege is quite possibly the most important thing we can do. Seeing to it that others understand our history and our role as conservationists is the only sure way that what Outdoorsmen and women have fought for over 100 years will continue to be in good hands.


We are dedicated to enhancing the outdoor experience for future generations to come by enjoying the recreational opportunities the outdoors provides.


When: Sept. 26th and 27th

9am to 5pm


Where: Silver Springs, Yorkville


PLEASE consider giving a few hours or a day to the ISA for this remarkable event that draws between 30,000-40,000 outdoors enthusiasts each year.


For 2009, we are assisting at the Kids Fishing Pond as well as operating the Casting field and our traditional booth inside the Conservation Station Tent. All of this is located at the pond location.


PLEASE reply here or email me to let me know you can make it.

Your participation is greatly appreciated by many.




Mike Clifford


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