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Tals pack and spinner baits


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I use 2 methods:


I bought a little plastics "binder" that I store them in along with assorted plastics.


I also use empty plastic paks from plastics (like a Yamamoto pak) and stuff them in my wader pockets. The plastic pak helps keep the hooks from poking you.

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The HD zip-lock style freezer bags work good for me, as well as the Yamamoto baits bags.


There are also HD zip lock bags available, in various sizes, available from Shimano, GLoomis, Plano and others.


The ziplock style bags lay flat---several can be stored in the Tals Wade Pack.


I often use a Plano 5 compartment tackle box---the 4x7 size---remove a divider or two, customize teh compartments to suit the spinnerbait size.

One desing I made, has one larger cmopartment on each side, with a smaller compartment in the center, to store spare blades. I carry a variety of spare blade to facilitate a variey of presentations, with using only 2 or 3 spinnerbait bodies.


Works for me.

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I just throw them in the front stuff pocket of the Tals wading pack. Have not had a problem storing them like that. The hooks never seem to stick into the tough denier material.


Jonn, I like to take an old beat up rubber worm and cut off about a half inch and stick it on the tip of my spinner and buzz baits. It helps keep them sharp and I dont impale myself when I reach into the bag to retreive one.

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