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Cold Fronts

Jack T

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Reading an interesting article on fishing after cold fronts, find some protected water, creek/river esturay out of the wind, there the water tends to remain clearer and fish move there to find the clearer water.

Fish are some what lethargic in a high pressure situation and the backside of a cold front is about as high as the barometer gets.

In fishing with artificals, slow down the presentation and move to smaller lures, these high pressure fish

wont want to be moving and chasing a large fast moving lure.

Small baits and slow presentations, wether artificals or natural baits, are the key.

Not my opinion, just from an article I read.

Jack T

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I have always thought this was the case after cold fronts. Slow down go small and I'll catch the tempermental fish.


This summer I fished the Spoon river after a front came through and the air temp droped around 15 degrees. After a few hours and about as many fish I tied on a diving crank bait. I had no intentions of catching any bass but was looking to snag a few carp. I did not snag any carp but after my second cast reeling it as fast as I could I got a smallie. Two casts later picked up another. After walking back to my car I ended up getting 4 Smallies and a channel cat in about 30 minutes. I thought it was weird and against everything I have read but the faster I went that day the better I did.

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