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how to spend time.....


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backs been out past few days so decided to get aquainted with the smallmouth reports. started all the way back at the first entries..it is interesting to see that from the start of this to present that there are 4 main lures that are being used the most and productive...YUM CRAWBUG...SWEET BEAVER...HULA GRUBS...FLUKES., i did see the ususal spinnerbaits and cranks and topwater lures.....*****SHOULD NOTE, JUST READ THE KANKAKEE ENTRIES****..and the good ol' grub..

lots of fine fish have been caught in the kankakee. i don't know if it's just me, but i think this river is very underated. it is very clean (as rivers go) and very accessible for boats, bank fishing and wading. as i was looking at pictures, most of the guys were in water between waist/knee deep..

oh yeah, and i did see one Jerry Garcia sighting (sorry Norm had to throw that in)..


hopefully i will get out sunday morning (back pending) as reading all those reports got my fishing blood flowing.. :lol:



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