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Shocking Day for NIAA K3 Derby

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Zachary and I are off to help the NIAA with the shocking day for the K3 derby. We will be assisting them as the derby is thier major fund raiser for thier conservation efforts. We will also be there to make sure that only fish that comply with IDNR regs get tagged.


It's a great way to network with the IDNR staff that do the zctual shocking and the CPO's that stop by to make sure all is in order. We also network with another conservation group as local media as well.

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About a 4-5 lb hybrid striper tagged, biggest walleye about 22 inches, maybe 4 smallies over 18 inches tagged. A couple double digit drum and carp being tagged. If memory serves more walleye [5] than carp [3] tagged. 1 pike about 6 lbs. Bill Byrns should have the numbers today or tommorrow in the Journal.


Most of the tagged fish with be smallies in the 10 to 11.5 inch range.



Introduced Zachary to Bill Byrns and Dale Bowman. Also Gary Lutterbie, Steve Pesticelli, Bob Rung and Rob Miller from the IDNR.


Talk of a walleye slot for next year prolly 18 to 26 inch protected slot.

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