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Stream Team Event Follow Up

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Threatening skies and a little light rain to start the day wasn't a deterrent in the least for the hardy souls that showed for this event.

ISA members, a scout troop, the Fenwick H.S. Bass Team and citizens came out to learn about this incredible fishery and it's biodiversity.


The day started out as I watched a guy catch a smallie and throw it in a bucket.

Walked right over with the yellow card and said "Not before June 15".

Another member of his family came over and I explained there are many other species that are in season, and the group understood completely when he explained it to them fully.

The bass is swimming again.


Norm Minas did a phenomenal job with the macroinvertebrate sampling.

He seems to have the training manual memorized....just a professional approach start to finish.

Norm's son (and fellow ISA member) Zachary and his daughter Molly were a tremendous help throughout the day as well.


Mark O'Donnell worked tirelessly helping to run the event and cook dogs and burgers for the crowd of participants.


Paul Switzer jumped right in anywhere help was needed, and we're very thankful for all the help we received from all of these guys (and gals)!


3 ISA members coordinate the Fenwick HS Bass Team, and came out with their team to help clean up our river banks and sample Rock Creek.

A scout troop traveled down here to get into the action, and learned a great deal about the history of this watershed, it's problems and water quality in general as it applies to all rivers and streams.


Even an on-duty IDNR Officer came out to help and keep an eye on things.


32 people giving back to the resource.

A very satisfying day.


The full photo album can be viewed here:






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Guest rich mc

what a great conservation event. that tent looks awesome as well! i wish i could have made it but my wife is still on the mend. thanks to all that made it a success. rich

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The tent kept us dry during the insect identification portion, that's for sure.

Otherwise, no major squalls.


We can add or subtract walls depending on layout and weather.

On this day, we decided that a view of the river and natural surroundings were the ticket.


Warm weather, and the fishing team found time to fish the river before lunch, while others went exploring through the park.


Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the link.

A great group of future conservationists accepting the torch on this day.

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate your comments. Zachary was very happy to get a conservation pin, I think it's going next to the article about him in the last BB bulletin. Molly was there to earn volunteer hours for her National Honor Society committent. I would also like to thank my wife Tammy and other daughter Amy for thier help in transporting all our stuff.


Also thanks go out to Dale Bowman of the Sun Times and Bill Byrns of the K3 Daily Journal for helping to publicize the event. Kudos to WKAN 1320 AM for allowing us free air time as well.


It was gratifying to see the amount of kids there, that's our future. Hopefully some if not all were inspired to continue enjoying the outdoors experiences and to continue on with the conservation ethic.

They are the reason I am willing to use my free time to take all the classes I have so I can pass the knowledge and my enthusiasm for conservation on to the next generation.


Our presence even inspired one of the fisherman there to put up his fishing rod and grab a garbage bag. We also had four people sign on the River Watch sheet to become future stream monitors.


I believe the ISA was presented in a very positive manner and made a great impression on not only the participants but on passers by as well. A job well done by all our volunteers and the O'Donnell and Clifford families as well as my own.

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A huge thanks to Mike and Norm and families. You guys did a fantastic job!!! Thanks for giving up your time and being great advocates for our Illinois streams and the ISA.



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Chauncey gave us a nice promo on his show Saturday morning as well. Can be heard about midway into his podcast for 6/6.

Shows the importance of having members of the media receiving the Constant Contact eNews.

Norm took great care to handle promotion on this event, and did an outstanding job!


Anybody willing to schedule something similar on their favorite watershed, just let me know.

I might be able to attend, but at the very least will promote your event.

Many members have taken the training and can put it to good use.


What we are looking for now are places to "Adopt".

The availability is known to those who took the training.

Emails were sent from RiverWatch afterward.

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