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ISA and event promo on local radio

Norm M

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Mike Clifford told me that a local radio station WKAN 1320 AM wanted someone from the ISA to come into studio and do a live piece to promo Sunday's cleanup/stream monitoring demo. He had to work when they had the time slot open, it was my day off so I took care of it and fished later.


I was not only able to plug the event but also talk up the ISA in the 10 minute slot. The wesite was referenced several times as a way to contact us.


Of course now that I am continuing my career as a radio star my speaking fee has increased. :P:rolleyes::lol:

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I would say that a man with your vast amount of knowledge about fishing should be able to collect big speaking fee's at clubs and other special events. You are a credit to the ISA and we are glad we get to have you for Free!

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Thanks Norm!

If your fee has in fact increased, how much did you need to pay them this time?



Once they took a gander at me and saw what I looked like they were speechless. They never got around to asking about money. :P

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