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Kyte river


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Has anyone ever fished (or heard of...) the Kyte river? I just got a new job in Rochelle and I've heard that it's a good river.

I scouted it today and fished a little but nobody was home...at least they didn't answer when I came knockin.

I saw that a farmer ran barbed wire across it...low enough to be right in a paddler's face...not nice. Is this a navigable stream? It looks wadeable.

Any other info would be greatly appreciated.



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Well, John . . . as an ISA member who also teams up with my wife paddling rivers with Prairie State Canoeists, I have quite a few paddling resources, one of which has a two-page write-up on Kyte River (aka Kytes Creek).


This waterway is a small tributary that enters the Rock River from the east two miles upstream of Castle Rock State Park in the community of Daysville. It's navigable as far up as the town of Rochelle (if you don't mind paddling on an urban sewer). Not as nice as the Dupage.


If you forward to me your e-mail address via PM, I'll be happy to scan these two pages and forward them to you. Should provide you with more info about the Kyte than you really want to know.

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