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new e-mail address

Gregg S

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new e-mail address for me is:


I'm comcast free!





Let me know how that works out for you....as much as I absolutely despise Comcast, ATT has been very bad in my area with outtages and constantly having to reboot the box. I am waiting until the several people I know that have ATT can go a month without having them come out and fix it to switch.

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We went ATT triple play; TV, internet, and phone. Saved about $60 a month. So far, so good, about 6 weeks. The ATT internet is faster, has had less downtime, the Direct TV is at least the equal of cable if not better, and the DVR is thrown in at that price-didn't have one before. For big events (like the Masters golf tournament) direct TV has 5 channels of coverage at no additonal cost.

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