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Fatter Worms

Guest Don R

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Night crawler under a bobber thats the way I caught my first smallie on the Little Deer Creek, Carroll County, Indiana. You know I have a picture of that fish somewhere..........Don, you really dredged up some memories with that one. :)

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heres a good way to fatten up crawlers. get a plastic container w/ a lid, like a sour cream container. put a layer a very wet newspaper on the bottom followed by a few crawlers. then another layer of wet paper and crawlers. keep doing this until it is full. pack it tight, i usually have to wrap tape around it to keep it closed. the way this works is crawlers absorb water through their skin. but you can only do this for about 2-3 days. any longer and they will drown



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Crush up some Viagra and dump it in the container........

I dunno, just thinking out loud.

Didn't quite know what to expect when I opened the thread!

I get emails sometimes with the same subject line....



You old guys get emails like that I've heard. :rolleyes:


Any of you still have your Nightcrawler Secrets rod ? I swapped mine and the book for a portable depth finder yea long ago.

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Guest rich mc

i never had a n-crawler secret rod but put spinning guides on a fly rod and used a zebco 44 underspin reel. the reels still work great now. rich

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