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WTB Light-weight canoe for two


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Looking for a light canoe that my wife and sister could load and use, mainly lake floating or fishing, but occasional river trip. A Wenonah Fisherman mentioned a couple of weeks ago looked great, but was sold before I could get it.

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Fred . . . I have a 17' Wenonah Spirt II kevlar tandem canoe that my wife and I use for paddling with Prairie State Canoeists (PSC) and that I and any fishing companion use when float fishing on rivers and lakes. Only weighs 45 lbs. which facilitates put-ins, take-outs, and portaging. When float fishing, I add sponses to create good stability, a trolling motor on a side motor mount, and portable fish locator to complete my fishing unit. Have been quite satisfied with its performance and adaptability.


Suggest you request a copy of Wenonah's annual Buyer's Guide which walks prospective buyers through the many features and decisions to be made before making a purchase. Their website address is www.wenonah.com.


If you and your wife would like to "test drive" my canoe, just let me know . . . we could launch it quite easily in the Skokie Lagoon. You two might also enjoy paddling with my bent shaft carbon filament paddles, each of which only weigh 8 ounces.

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