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Fished a big chartreuse& white streamer on 3/24 on a cupl stretches.It had an epoxy head keeping it afloat and so I used a splitshot to get it down.It was windy calling for my 6wt.Several hours fishing produced just 1 dink and a 16"from midriver.Fished a few other stretches on 3/26 and finally got into some #s.The lowest stretch was not as clear as the 2 a few miles upstream which had that clear green look with a clearly visible bottom.Got fish in both the murkier and clear stretches fishing a beadhead tequeely fly with a 4wt in the light wind.Caught a half dozen rock bass and 8 smallmouths.Only 2 at 16 & 17" were photo worthy along with the one on the 24th.Plan on fishing today too before the weather craps out over the weekend.

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Hey Ron, I see you're up to your old tricks again! Glad to see you start producing and posting. Been itching to get out but with the way things have been going I may have to wait until my FL trip at the end of April.

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