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Best GPS for canoe fishing


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For a canoe, I'd suggest a Garmin handheld. You can't go wrong with almost anything in the eTrex line or the GPS Map 60 series. They all have the high sensitivity receivers that keep them locked on to the satellites even if they are in your pocket. Because they are so common, you can get map software almost anywhere.

There are several web sites devoted to information concerning GPS models and features like




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I have the Garmin GPS Map 60 CSx and I LOVE IT. I use it all the time, in the car, on the motorcycle, hikes, hunting (animals and mushrooms), and geocaching with the family.

The 60 is a more exspensive one, but it is worht it. You can download maps and switch out the SD card for more memory, use your computer to set up routes and outingings.

If you have more questions you can call me.

309-287-1425 Take care and good luck.

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I have a Garmin handheld unit and have no issues with it. Great tool .


However be aware that the maps that come preprogramed on the GBS leave alot to to be desired. Only major streets, state highways, interstates are shown and maybe the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. So, unless they have changed, you will have to purchase the more detailed program if you want to see streams and rivers. Im using Topo 2008 and it is very detailed and is also good for streets also. Cost $99.00.


And, it is a great tool for mushroom hunting. Go out in a strange woods all day and wonder around when you get ready to leave just follow the GPS back to your truck. Dont forget the fresh batteries at the beginning of a long day. Garmin is powered by two AA's that last 18 hours.

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