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Over ten years ago InFisherman did an issue on non-lead fishing options anticipating a change in the laws. So I guess this is a problem that will not go away no matter how much we rattle our sabers and pound our shields with our spears.


A realistic look at the issue would have to admit that in many cases lead is bad for us-very bad. Poisoning from lead based pigments in paint is a prime example.


Here's an extreme view. Plumbing got its name from the Latin word for lead. Indeed the Roman standard for plumbing was lead pipes. Lead plumbing in the homes of the Roman wealthy is frequently cited as a cause for their eccentric behavior and sometimes given major credit for the fall of the empire. IMHO maybe they were crazy anyway, but lead did not help.


Like it or not, the burden is on us as fishermen to prove that our use of lead is not harmful. That is where the following article comes in. The author makes a good point. Unlike the case of lead shot used in hunting, only a fraction of the lead products sold to fishermen wind up on the bank or bottom of the pond. But there's more. Read the whole article.




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