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Smallmouth Waters

Dan C.

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On Friday Isom Beituni posted a list of (6) diiferent rivers / streams for Smallies. because I am a novice River fisherman, if anybody could share access spots for these places it would be great. I'm in the NW Suburbs.

Here is the list:

1. Kankakee River

2. Apple River

4. Dupage River

5. Fox River

6. Il. River


Also, has anybody ever fished the Buffalo Creek? I t goes through Kildeer, Long Grove, Buffalo grove & Wheeling. Any info. would be appreciated.


Thank You,


Dan C.

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The Illinois Gazetteer is a must-have for every angler.

It will show creeks that flow under roads not far from where you live (that you had no idea held quality fish).

That little chunk of land belongs to IDOT. I think nothing of pulling to the side of the road and fishing from a bridge, and have done quite well with that, I might add.

Have actually been checked for my license by passing IDNR on two occasions as well.


The Gazetteer, along with the Open Lands maps will keep you busy for a lifetime!

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Buffalo Creek, buffalo Grove.

It's a nice little creek that empties into the DesPlaines river. I have walked a good portion of its length from where it starts at the reservoir in Arlington Heights to where it ends at the DesPlaines river. Now there are some really good rumors about it having small mouth bass. In six years...never seen one, never caught one. However there are pike in there, carp, lots and lots of bluegills, and lots of suckers. You can park a couple of places and go for a nice walk, one is at Willow Creek Park, one is at the reservoir, both offer easy access. It's not exactly fly rod friendly but I use a little seven foot 2 wt and throw little flies at the fish. I have fished it where it enters the DesPlaines and caught LM bass but no smallmouth bass.



I see it's been suggested that you get an Illinois Gazeteer. Probably the best books for finding waters that you'll ever have. The maps are very accurate and you can find put in points along most of the fishable waters.


Most of the ISA guys will let you know of good places if you PM them. It's not a good idea to post your favorite spots. I used write an outdoor article and I made the mistake of giving away a good place, the next weekend, 40 anglers were out there fishing. Hence the PM'ing. It keeps some of the good places protected.



Good luck and all. The weather is still a bit crummy but it'll clear up and we'll all be out there working out the casting kinks and figuring out what flies to add to the growing arsenal.


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